Optimizing Incentive
Driven Sales

We utilize extensive industry expertise and a methodical approach to assist clients in acquiring the necessary tools to grow their businesses, alleviating the need for extensive upfront capital investment while improving and expanding their businesses.

See How Much Your Customer Can Save


Rebates are too risky. Incentives secure your success.

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BIG win for sellers

  • Use our Big Incentive Program to sell more products faster at full price
  • We are experts at helping customers find the best solutions for their businesses
  • Stop playing the price game and let your sales team build better customer relationships
  • Help customers who are budget constrained purchase your products with our Big Incentive Program.
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BIG win for buyers

  • Get the energy-efficient technology you need without paying upfront
  • Lower your operating costs and boost efficiency with better equipment
  • Increase yield with high-quality, efficient, and sustainable tools

With BIG, everyone

A Decade Of Experience In Both Equipment Installation and Incentive Redemption

We have spent the last decade facilitating growers’ ability to purchase high-end equipment so that they can improve and expand their businesses without the burden of spending upfront capital. With extensive expertise in technology and energy incentives, we are experts in navigating the challenging incentives landscape. We will be there for our partners, and their customers, every step of the way.

Grower's high-end equipment and technology incentives
Energy rebate incentives

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

By Providing The Full Value of the Incentive Right Up Front

We have industry leading expertise in utility incentives. This allows sellers to get the necessary equipment to their buyers in a shorter timeframe for as close to free as possible. Accountability, transparency, and accuracy are paramount in everything that we do.

Our goal is to help lighting providers and their customers grow more efficiently, economically, sustainably, and fruitfully.

How it works:

Electrical Power Grid
BIG Incentive List Item 1 iconYou engage with customers on your energy-saving technology and services
BIG Incentive List Item 2 iconBIG provides the savings and incentive scenarios that can be realized
BIG Incentive List Item 3 iconYou report the good news to your customers
BIG Incentive List Item 4 iconLower operating costs and boost efficiency with better equipment
BIG Incentive List Item 5 iconBIG places the orders, extends the incentives, fulfills the project, and makes all parties happy and satisfied with the technology purchase
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